Sunday, February 01, 2015

Happy 8th Birthday Cupcake Cake Day!

We had a wonderful day with Addie and it is so sweet to see how excited she gets knowing that we are going to have cake and a party - just for her.

Once again this year, Chris and I took Addie in an attempt to have her pick out her cake.
After sitting and looking for half an hour through two books full of cakes, Addie walked over to the display case and said she wanted "chocolate".
When I pressed further for details on decorations, she finally said, "flowers".
When I asked her what colors, she said, "yellow" and when I asked for another color, she said, "pink".

So, Addie got her chocolate cake with yellow and pink flowers.

Oh my goodness, she was SO READY to dig into the cake!

Addie had helped me set the table earlier in the day, so we had a variety of plates and utensils waiting for her cake.

I love her sweet little face,

so happy!

Pink little cheeks from everyone singing to her

and this year...there was no prompting in order for her to blow out her candles!

Happy 8th Birthday to my sweet Baby Girl!
You are so loved!

December 31, 2014