Thursday, February 19, 2015

Left Foot, Right Foot

Feet in the night...
Thanks once again, Dr. Seuss for preventing me from thinking like a rational adult. 

The last two nights have brought about lots of praise for Addie. 
Last night, when it was time to get her dressed for bed, she took an interest in wanting to put on her socks. 
She said, "I do it.", so I sat down with her and verbally prompted her as much as I could although I ended up having to physically help her stretch the socks over all her little toes so she could proceed. 

She was so proud!

Yes. Addie is eight. 

In our world, this is a huge step. 

Once again tonight, Addie wanted to try again. My impromptu pictures only give a blurry glimpse of my Little Monkey's hard work. 

She is learning and while we might go through a period of time where she doesn't try again, she will eventually figure it out. 

I love when she surprises me with new words or actions. 

She makes me proud.