Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Birthday Presents Galore!

Addie patiently waited for everyone to arrive, and Rudy was right next to her, standing (or sitting) watch.

I was very deliberate with Addie's Birthday wish list, and tried to get her things that she really needs and enjoys.

Mrs. Amy bought Addie Play Doh, and I can't count the number of hours I spent making one creation after another.

Books from Aunt Nonna

were perfect.

Amazon has more than just my address memorized,

and they played a big part in Addie's Birthday.

From the monster water bottle, 

and more books from Aunt Cissy and Gabi.

A paint set from Uncle Howard and Detra

brought lots of smiles,

and a few gifts from us.

Little Silly Monkey,

and her never ending collection of babies.

A paint set needs an easel (and a gallon of extra strength clothes detergent).

This beautiful Baby Girl of mine, full of joy, made for one very special night.