Monday, February 09, 2015

Bergen's 8th Birthday

Addie was so excited about going to Bergen's Birthday Party!
Addie has so much fun at Mountain Brook Gymnastics that I have considered having her a party there as well.

We lucked out and had the same helper as last year and she remembered Addie!
That meant I could actually stand by and watch Addie have fun - I swear I almost cried out of pure relief.
It is so incredibly rare that I get to be a bystander and I am usually so busy helping Addie, that I miss out on seeing her have fun.
This. Was. Wonderful!

She was all about crawling through the tunnel.

Addie moved so slowly through the obstacle course, that I had her step to the side at one point just so the other children could get past.
She was very proud of herself for working so hard.

Bergen was a champ at climbing the rope...

as was Brock!

Addie just enjoyed the opportunity.

more to come...