Sunday, August 17, 2014

Scrimmage 2014

In preparation for the start of football season, our little town held "Husky Day" at our new high school.
Kids from the youth flag football team all the way up to high school varsity participated in scrimmage games.
It appears the day was a success, the home team stands were completely packed, and we ran into so many people who came out just to watch the kids play although they didn't have any children attending the schools.
It's a pretty exciting time in our town right now.

If this is the way it was for just a scrimmage, I can't wait to see what our first home game looks like!

We have a great group of kids on the junior varsity and varsity teams.

Julien is #76 this year.

It was a lot of fun watching them
Addie took advantage of the hours at the field and conned her Daddy out of money for a hot dog, chips, icee, popcorn and ice cream bar.

We are entering "groundhog day season".
I'll be posting what appears to be the same pictures over, and over, and over.

It was after 9:00, after Addie's bedtime and the guys couldn't wrap it up fast enough.
Addie kept asking to go, "home".

Football season 2014 - here we go!