Sunday, August 24, 2014

Busy Little Monkey

Addie is staying very busy, so busy that she is exhausted at days end.
Rudy is taking advantage of it and sneaking in as much snuggle time as he can.

Helena High had their jamboree this past Friday night and we somehow braved the heat for four hours in support of our team.
I can't tell you how many times Addie asked to go home.
After a busy day at school and then being out in the heat all night, she was sleepy and cranky.
The biggest highlight of her night was when Julien came to the fence to say hi to her in between games.
The ridiculous Alabama weather has to slack off in order to give us any chance of enjoying football season.

From Friday night football to Saturday birthday parties to Sunday swimming, Addie didn't have any downtime.
In just a few shorts hours, her routine will start all over again - and, dance will be starting again soon too.
My busy little Monkey's days will get, even busier.


Lisa Pitts said...

Precious pic of her and the cat!