Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Compliments to the Dress Maker

Sometime back in the spring, I ran across the most adorable outfits made from Ann Kelle fabric.
Instead of ordering one of the outfits immediately, I passed up the deals and spent the next few months regretting it.

I finally managed to find the fabric again sometime in June - at a shop - in Hawaii.
After verifying previous customer reviews, I placed my custom order for Addie's dress.

The dress arrived well before the four week time frame indicated and it perfectly met my expectations.

As soon as Addie saw the dress, her eyes lit up and she placed her hands above her head and asked, "Ballerina?".

A HUGE thank you to Palm Tree Princess for exceeding my expectations for my ballerina on her first day of 1st Grade!

....and I somehow managed to purchase another dress from Palm Tree Princess, that came with a matching doll dress....
it arrived faster than expected and is still wrapped in precious packaging waiting for the right time to give it to Addie.

I have found a new favorite dress shop for my Little Monkey.
Addie was so proud of her new ballerina dress and knowing how much the little things makes her happy, just melts my heart.