Wednesday, August 20, 2014

School Life

We have definitely settled into our new routine and everybody seems a little happier.

Addie absolutely loves school and that makes life so much easier!
Addie's teachers, aides and coaches are all very impressed with her ability to remember the daily routine.
From knowing where to sit in PE to the rules in the hallways, Addie has seemed to fall right back into sync with school life.
She has had a few moments where she has become upset, but understandably so due to the circumstances of each situation.
She still gets tired during the day, but after resting, is very much ready to tackle the remainder of her day.
Some days she comes home tired and irritable and other days, like today, she comes home happy and full of smiles and giggles.
As soon as we got home, she asked to paint.
Before I even bothered to change out of my work clothes, I got her art supplies for her.
When Addie is able to verbally express her wants or needs, I try my best to drop what I'm doing and respond to her.
Any time she requests something out of the normal flow of our day, is a pretty special moment.
She is fantastic about remembering daily habits and routines, but it's still so rare to hear her express something all on her own.

We attended open house at Julien's school last night and had a great time meeting his teachers and seeing more of the school.
Addie was there with us and was in the midst of sensory overload with the activity of going from class to class and the flurry of students and parents everywhere.
She clung tight to Chris, Julien or me and every once in a while, she got up the nerve to run through the hallways in order to keep up with Julien.
Julien was happy to have her with him.

He is happy and enjoying school and managed to obtain his vessel license this week. comes his driver's license.


jennohara said...

I love how they both love school! I'm glad you're all back to routine!