Thursday, August 07, 2014

First Day of School 2014!

Julien and Addie both had a wonderful first day, which makes me very happy!

Our beautiful new high school opened today, and we are most fortunate to live in a community that has so much pride in our schools.

Addie had her choice between two dresses for this morning, and she chose the "ballerina" dress - and she loved it!
(my compliments to the dress maker in a later post).

They were both so ready to go!
Julien was excited to get to his new high school (and see his friends) and Addie was thrilled just to be going back to school.

First day of 10th Grade and 1st Grade was a success!

Horrible picture quality, but that's what a rushed cell phone picture gets me because nobody had time to stop because it was already 6:40!
I still had to post it just to show how much Julien has grown - and because he is just freakin' adorable!

Monkey girl couldn't stop giggling long enough to take a picture!

Showing off her new backpack and lunch bag.
Yes, it bothers me that they don't match, but I realize how fortunate we are that we are able to buy our children school supplies and attire for the new school year, so I try to keep my crazy contained and the important things in perspective.
I have her backpack that matches her lunch bag, but it was huge on her, so I had to improvise at the last minute (thanks eBay!).

Yes, that is a baby stuffed into her backpack...shhh...

This picture had me laughing so hard!
Addie knew that Julien was distracted with taking pictures, so she reached over and touched his Jeep.
I'm sure you can imagine how many times she has been told, "NO TOUCHING!".

Her inner dinosaur emerging...????
My Baby Boy looks rather handsome propped against his Jeep.

Getting a little nervous in car rider line.

Last minute pictures before getting out of the car.

Julien loved this one because he said she looks like a screaming Monkey - duh.

One of my favorites - waiting patiently to put her backpack on and get out of the car.
She is so sweet.

I am so thankful for this wonderful day!


Cindy Harrell said...

I can see it was an awesome first day...hope they both have a great year!

jennohara said...

They both look adorable!
I'm so glad they had a great first day back!!

Lisa said...

Love all the pics and big smiles. She looks like her daddy. That pick of them! :)