Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The End of Another School Year

The start of last week brought with it the opportunity for Addie to meet her teacher for next year.
Addie had the opportunity to visit the classroom and it appears it took her no time to make herself at home.
There will be lots of changes taking place this next school year, but since it is officially summer, I am going to allow myself not to fret about it for the next eight weeks.

Thankfully, Addie was feeling better and was able to make a brief trip to school on the second to the last day.
 She played outside with her friends and her very favorite kindergarten teacher (mine too!) - Morris - and she enjoyed every second of it right up until exhaustion set in.
She hadn't fully recovered enough to take on such an adventure!

The next morning, Addie looked better and was fully ready to go back to school for the very last day - 
of kindergarten.

By the time we began our morning commute, Julien had been finished with school for two days and was already in another state.

...and it was like 107 degrees, but Addie refused to leave the house without her rain coat.  whatever makes her happy and gets her in the car...

No time to stop and get pictures before we left the house, so a last minute photo while in car rider line was all I could manage.

Mrs. Anita meets us each morning and helps Addie throughout the day.
I cannot imagine a school day without her.

Addie will stop and wave bye to us - and when Julien is in the car, she always has to lean back into the car for one more big hug.

When she turned back to tell us "bye", she couldn't help but tell Julien bye too - as she blew kisses and waved with excitement - despite him being hours away.

She melts my heart.

This past school year has been wonderful for Addie and I pray that each year continues to be the same.
I am so looking forward to the opportunities ahead for Julien - and the drastic change in school environment that awaits him.

Kindergarten/Freshman Years - That's a wrap!