Sunday, May 18, 2014

Back to Easter...

Easter morning was lots of fun! 

Since the bunny doesn't visit our house,  I had left the baskets in the office the night before.
Easter morning, I left Addie downstairs with Chris for literally a second and I had no more made it to the top of the stairs, when I heard Addie gasp with excitement and start calling my name!
She is such a Monkey - she can get into anything!

Addie and Julien were both thrilled with their Easter surprises,

but, we all know what Addie's favorite was.

This took determination.

It really was this peaceful.

I brought out the mega bubbles and put Addie to work.

My sweet baby.

One thing that I love about my family is that I never even had to express any concerns over the whole egg hunting business.
When it was time for the guys to hide the eggs, they "hid" a bunch of eggs for Addie in an area that was off limits to the big kids for the first few minutes.
That gave Addie a chance to get a few eggs of her own.

AND, before the big kids made their way into the restricted area, they made sure that Addie had her fair share.
It was pretty awesome, but the thing about it is that Addie honestly doesn't care.
She isn't aggressive and she had more fun watching everyone else than she did finding the eggs.

Goodness, we couldn't proceed until Addie had confirmation that her hair bows were properly in place.

Just like last year, we made the trip to Wrapsody to see the Baby Chicks!
Addie walked up to the table, scoped out her spot and was very polite and said, "excuse me" as she made her way past what appeared to be a couple of other children waiting.
Addie is usually a champ at turn taking, and the other kids assured me that it was more than fine that Addie took over the prime viewing area.
It was quite the experience and very outside of Addie's usual behavior.

Addie was a little braver this year and enjoyed giving the chicks lots of "hugs".

We lucked out and had the sweetest helper - ever - to assist in the chick petting experience.

Of course, Baby Andrew was there.

Learning the proper technique to avoid crushing them to death.

Making sure that Julien saw her accomplishment was all that mattered!

Easter 2014 - that's a wrap!