Wednesday, May 21, 2014


About this time last week, my husband had the pleasure of volunteering his time to help out a few guys that came into town.
To say he was on Cloud Nine is an understatement.

That feeling of pure elation lasted right up until the moment when his body decided to eject whatever it was that gave him food poisoning.

It was a fun, exhilarating time in my home.

Since I spent every waking moment cleaning and washing linens, I figured I might as well let Rudy play in the bath, so I could have one more thing to clean and dry.

He loved it and Addie thought it was hysterically funny.

Right when I thought I was catching up from the disgusting few days with my husband (I mean that in the nicest possible way), I woke up last night to Fungus Monkus getting sick all over the bedding that I had washed repeatedly just days before.

She has drastically different symptoms than Chris, and while it is an exhausting process, it resulted in me getting to spend the entire day lounging in the living room with my two favorite kids in the entire world.

Today marked the last day of Julien's freshman year (insert an ugly display of tears here), and while he loves school, his sister, adores school and desperately wants to be able to enjoy her last two days of kindergarten (...I'm so not ready for this).

I hope Addie is remarkably better in the morning, which would allow us to finish out the week on some sort of normal schedule.

After that, we have three whole days to adjust before summer schedules begin, which throws its own level of chaos into our lives.

Chaos that I will enjoy, because it makes my children happy.