Sunday, May 04, 2014

GOD Given Opportunities

The opportunities we encounter are never a matter of chance.
GOD places the opportunities in our path, always ensuring that the right people are present at the right time.

A few years passed before we encountered Addie's second chance at the opportunity to dance.
The right people were delicately placed within our path and all we had to do was pay attention.
- and I am so thankful we did -

This opportunity is one that I hope never goes away.
As I have said before, Addie has a passion for dance.
Despite her inability to keep perfect time and form, she puts her whole heart into dancing, each and every time.
She loves to dance and she loves being in class with all the other girls.
It makes her happy, which in turn, makes me very happy.

~ ~ ~

Last month was picture day, which meant that dance class was turned into a flurry of girls and activity and the change in routine had Addie nervous.

It didn't take long to get a smile back on her face

and the nosy Little Monkey was all about trying to see what was going on in every part of the studio.

Addie patiently waited her turn and the finished product - was perfect!

This past Friday night was dress rehearsal for Addie's dance recital!!!
When we got in the car and I told Addie we were going to dance practice, she was all about it - and when we passed her dance studio, she yelled out, "Hey!" in an effort to tell me that I clearly had no idea where I was going.

It took some reassurance for her to finally understand that we were going to a big school for practice and she would have so much fun - and boy did she ever have fun!

Addie never once hesitated walking out onto the stage - she was all smiles - and acted like she owned the place.

As we were leaving for the night, I asked Addie if she wanted to come back tomorrow and do it all over again, and she excitedly answered, "Ma'am!".
She was ready!

Since Addie likes to fuss every time I try to fix her hair, I decided to call in the pros - and there was no one I would have rather had fixing Addie's hair for this big event than Jaime Perez at JaiRez Hair & Color Bar.
She's been taking care of my family for many years and she is the one who got Addie over her fear of salons!  

After Addie was all done, it was time for Julien to have his turn.
Addie stood with him and held his hand.
Payback for all the times he stood and held hers.

I'm not a big fan of makeup on little girls, and I went with the bare minimum for this event.
No mascara or anything that would make washing her face a complete nightmare.

Addie was very much all about the lipstick.

I have no idea where she gets it from.

Addie was definitely ready for her turn!

Before I left the dressing room, Addie leaned up and gave me a big hug and I told her, "I love you and have fun!", because her having fun was all that mattered to me.  
I just didn't want her to go out on stage and be nervous or scared and of course, I had absolutely no need to worry.

No cameras were allowed during the actual performance, but I can tell you that Addie was beautiful and amazing and I was literally on the edge of my seat while watching her.

She made me proud beyond words.
I couldn't get to her fast enough to tell her how beautiful she was and what a wonderful job she did!

At the end, when it was time for Addie to walk out on stage when her name was called, she was nervous.
This was something that she hadn't practiced and didn't know what to do. 
It only took a little prompting for her to understand.

Sweet girls.

Allison (Addie's special education teacher) was there

and so was Addie's kindergarten teacher - Anna.
Addie was beside herself with excitement!

Mrs. Amy is Addie's dance teacher.
She is one in a million - she radiates patience and compassion and is a brilliantly talented dancer.

Julien was restricted to the auditorium and when we started walking down the hallway, Addie was scanning the crowd and calling Julien's name.

My family showered Addie with gifts and she was so excited to see them.
Addie had no idea that anyone other than Julien and I were with her.

By the time we reached the car, Addie was exhausted!

I handed her the gift from Julien and me in an effort to keep her occupied until we could get to dinner.
She was a complete doll and so, so sweet.
There were moments throughout dinner when we were certain she was going to fall asleep in her food.

This is one of my favorite pictures.
My sweet baby, so proud of all of her hard work and all of us beaming with joy as we paused for just one more picture.

The night was heaven sent.


jennohara said...

This post made a perfect start to my day. She was beautiful! What a perfect night!! I'm so happy that Addie found something that she loves so much, and has such wonderful people backing her while she does it!!! You're so lucky to have found such great teachers!! We weren't so lucky!
She looked so beautiful Jenn!!!!!

Jeania said...

So Precious! You made me start my day in tears! Thanks for sharing your special Addie moments with us! Your such an encouragement...

Anonymous said...

She is so beautiful!! It is always the one of the best parts being a parent watching your child do something they love.


Granna said...

An amazing little girl with an amazing support system!

Laura Jones said...

Yay Addie! She looked beautiful!