Monday, March 10, 2014

The really sad part...

is how much she hates it when he leaves her.

Addie loves Julien so much and it is never easy when he leaves.
Especially if she thinks that he is leaving her.

This whole car experience with Julien has been a complete nightmare for Addie.
She thinks if Julien is going bye-bye that she has to be with him.
Since Julien is still learning to drive the Jeep and it handles drastically different than any car he had previously driven, we are very much against Addie riding in the Jeep while Julien is driving.

This caused massive trauma in Addie's life when Julien pulled out of the driveway without her.
Although I tried to reassure her that we would be right behind him, she hit absolute and complete meltdown and began to cry.
She cried all the way to the next little town and at that point I insisted that Julien and Chris pull over and talk to Addie.
We decided to stop for lunch and let Addie calm down and we all thought that by the time we got back into the cars, life would surely be good again.

How very wrong we were.
If Julien wasn't with Addie, she was crying.

It was an absolutely gorgeous day...other than the nauseating headache.

Julien got a ton of driving practice and encountered lots of real life scenarios.

He even drove into the state park and had to stop at the guard gate and pay and then pay close attention to the activity around him.
All great practice.

Once we arrived inside the park, Addie and I got into the Jeep and let her have a turn going for a ride - max speed - 10 mph.
She was content, and loved holding her baby and people watching.
It was oh so peaceful while it lasted.

At the point when the afternoon came to an end and she had to exit the Jeep, the tears started all over again.

For now, we have decided that Julien can only drive his Jeep at times when Addie doesn't see him leaving.
Julien doesn't fully grasp why Addie can't just ride along with him and Addie doesn't understand either.

Parenting can be such a joy at times.

March 2, 2014


jennohara said...

It looks like it was the perfect day for a joyride. I bet a ton of memories will be made with that jeep, even if they start out being not-so-good ones! Gorgeous pictures, Jenn. I hope, for everyone's sake, both Addie and Julien get used to the fact that they can't always ride together. :(