Thursday, March 06, 2014

The Carrier Monkey Strikes Again

Baby Fungus Monkus decided to pick up a nasty sinus infection and I'm 99.9% sure, a horrific case of strep.
That .01% comes from the fact that the doctor we went to see didn't do a strep test, or any test, and Addie had the exact same symptoms that I developed less than 24 hours later.
Addie was horribly sick
and so was/am I.
Today I was able to stand up without the entire world turning black
and the terrible pain in every square inch of my body has, for the most part, subsided.
When Addie was holding her ear and saying it hurt, then holding her tummy and legs and complaining of pain, I now know what the poor primate felt like.

However, my doctor did test me for strep and instead of the normal hug that I would get from him when he entered the room, I got a quick glance into my mouth - from as far away as his little light would reach before he gave me a look of pity and exited the room to order my shots and Rx's.
I'm not sure if it was my contagious bought of funk or the fact that this is the first time my doctor has seen me without make-up that made him almost run from the room.

Either way, the primate is feeling so much better
and I hope to find my make-up tomorrow and maybe even get a chance to see other human beings.