Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Happy Halloween 2013

Halloween Costume Number One had been hanging in the Little Monkey's closet, waiting for her Halloween party at school.
The theme was "Fall on the Farm" and the children were asked to dress up as either a farmer, farmers wife or a farm animal.

Although I'm certain ladybugs live on farms, I thought a chicken was a little more fitting for the occasion.

This Little Chicken loved her costume and I was told that she got rather tired of doing the "Chicken Dance" all day long at school.

This expression had something to do with the fact that I was taking pictures instead of loading her into the car to go to school.

Practicing her chicken dance on the way out the door.

She was absolutely worn out by the time she got home from school!

She was so done with all the picture taking, but 

Alley wanted to take a picture with the Little Chicken too.

This totally made Addie's night!


In all of my wonderful planning, I forgot to buy Addie a matching treat bag (for the entire two houses we visited), so I had to resort to her treat bag from last year.

While I was retrieving the treat bag, she spotted the pig feet and proceeded to try to put them on.
Although I told her the pig feet didn't match, she continued to try to put them on.
There was no point in pushing the issue
and besides, 
she was so proud of how she looked.

When we arrived back home, Addie waited anxiously at the door for the trick or treaters.
I had told her that we would give out candy and I really think she may have remembered being my helper last year.
Handing out candy was by far her favorite part of the evening.
Every time the doorbell would ring, she would go running to the front door and wave at me to hurry up.
Then she would take great pride in picking out the candy to put into the bags.
It was so sweet.
I truly love her lack of selfishness! 

Julien is 14.
His costume that we had to go and buy with the utmost urgency remained in the living room the entire night.
It was never put on for his Halloween party the week prior and it wasn't put on that night.
He still enjoyed the evening and was even temporarily released from the requirement of taking pictures with Addie.