Sunday, November 24, 2013

Happy 15th Birthday Julien!

Oh my....
Here we are again, with zero complaints from me.
Another year of blessings, another year of enjoying being Mom to an amazingly handsome, smart, funny and incredibly frustrating teenage boy.
I am so very, very blessed and not a day passes that I am not keenly aware of how very fortunate I am.

Another year to remind me to cherish - every second of every day.
I am so honored to be Julien's Mom and I am so proud of his ability to love with his whole heart and to be proud of his little sister, even when society makes it hard on him.
He has a beautiful gift of being able to love and protect without fear and judgement.

15 years has passed.
Yet it truly seems like just yesterday that I held him for the very first time.

Don't judge.
We are a rare breed of refinement.

Julien didn't ask for much.
He just wanted dinner and cake at home with just family.
He was very specific on his choice of cakes, and I was more than happy to oblige - YUM!

That one.

Before opening the card, Julien asked me if I was making fat jokes on his birthday.
As.  If.

I have a very whacked out sense of humor, and couldn't pass up the card.

I thank God for the gift of Motherhood and for my precious Baby Boy.


jennohara said...

LOVE. IT. And that's the kind of card I would buy. Definitely. ;)
Happy Birthday Julien!!