Monday, May 20, 2013

Can We Say Drama!?!?!?!?

We had just finished dinner tonight and was in the midst of cleaning the kitchen, when Julien and Addie made their way into the living room.

Julien turned on the television and moments later, I heard Julien tell me that I should probably avoid the living room for a few minutes because he was watching Bear Grylls and there was some halfway inaudible talk of Bear eating an eyeball.

No need to tell me twice...

I kept right on tidying up and out of my peripheral vision, I saw Monkus coming straight toward me.
I could tell from the look on her face that she was choking and I went into full on troubleshooting/first aid mode.

I was a split second from beating the poor child on her back when I realized that her color was still fully intact and the situation, while similar to other choking incidents, was not quite the same.  

I took a moment to reassess the situation and noticed that while Addie's color was beautifully perfect, she was still making motions with her mouth that led me to believe she was choking.

I asked her what she had in her mouth and that was when she pointed into the living room.
I told her to "show me" and as we walked that way - her still "choking", she pointed right at the television as Bear was eating yet another immensely grotesque half alive reptile.

Oh my goodness, it was hilarious!

Addie has never been "grossed out" by anything - ever - but this apparently got her!

Chris, Julien and I definitely love having this experience with our little dramatic primate - she definitely had our hearts racing!!