Sunday, May 05, 2013


There are many different things about having the Little Monkus as my child that makes me worry even more than I did with Julien over the same things - and of course for much longer periods of time.

Addie has the basic concept of "Hot" and "Cold", although sometimes she still doesn't use them appropriately.

For instance, we were sitting and watching Julien's football practice the other night when Addie said she was,  "Hot" and wanted her "Jacket" as she was pointing in the general direction of the car.

We are still working with her on "Hot" and "Cold" as it relates to safety, and teaching her not to touch things on the stove and to be cautious when washing her hands is very much a daily event for us.

However, "Hot" as it relates to coffee, she absolutely has down pat.

She knows that the coffee maker is "Hot!" and if she sees a coffee mug, and regardless of the contents, she always says, "Hot!".

In fact, we were on a mission to buy Addie yet another pair of shoes, since we have the most difficult time finding shoes that fit her little feet just right.
We had just purchased pair number four and was walking out the door of the store when I decided it was most definitely time for a coffee break.
Starbuck's was two doors down and we headed that way.
As soon as Chris opened the door and we started to walk in, Addie looked up at me and said, "Hot, hot!".
I confirmed for her that it would be hot!

What Chris and I are still trying to piece together is if it was the smell of the coffee that she related to "Hot" or if she remembered a past visit and knew where we were.

Whichever it was doesn't really matter, the really amazing part is that she immediately made a connection.

She is absolutely amazing!


jennohara said...

Yes, she definitely IS amazing!!! I love that girl!