Sunday, May 19, 2013

Putting It Into Words

I have known since before Christmas, and really since August, but some things are are not for public consumption until I decide the time is right.

Or, until somebody forces me to make the time right.

We had just finished dinner at the falls and were on our way out when we stopped to talk with someone.

During the course of the conversation, I was asked what grade Addie would be in next year.

That is when it hit me.

I would actually have to take part in a conversation that I had successfully avoided for a good six months.

The answer to the question was, "Kindergarten".


Addie will be in Kindergarten again next year.

I knew it was coming even before she started this school year.

I had zero hesitations and readily agreed that it was truly the very best decision for Addie.

It wasn't until I had to say it out loud to someone outside of my inner circle, that I had a few days almost a week now of panic over my decision.

Addie staying in Kindergarten another year is the very best decision for her.
Now, I am finding myself having to work through the emotions of it all.


Anonymous said...

I am thankful that you share the difficult times with us as well as all the good times. I've learned so much from your journey and more from your tough times than the happy ones. Please keep sharing all that you feel you can.

That being said, I have no doubt that you have made the best decision for Addie.