Saturday, February 16, 2013

Surgery Update

I am so glad this surgery is behind us.

We were very fortunate that Addie was the first patient of the day.
She was a little nervous, but calm, while I got her all registered.

Once we moved to the holding cell pre-op room, Addie was compliant, but her level of anxiety began to escalate.
I didn't even have to ask for Versed this time, it was delivered and administered before I had time to contemplate asking for it.  

Pre-Versed - Addie and her very special cupcake bear from a very, very sweet little friend!

Post-Versed - I didn't have a chance to get comfortable in the chair before it was time for Addie to go to surgery.

Sigh....I just can't describe the post anesthesia trauma that we encountered.
We encountered a similar situation in 2011, all due to side effects of a medication, and I know this time was a direct side effect of the anesthesia.
It was so incredibly awful.

Once we finally got to the point where Addie could be discharged, we left as quickly as possible.
It took a while before Addie finally closed her eyes, and once she did, we had a few quiet moments on the car ride home.

(Yes.  I know her seat belt isn't properly aligned, but had you witnessed what it took to get her into her car seat, you would be impressed that she was confined at all.)

We had an absolutely miserable time once we arrived home, but fortunately, the anesthesia took over and she finally fell back to sleep.

The stress of the morning induced one of the worst migraines I have ever had and I spent the day napping off and on with the Little Primate and her new baby.

It took a full 48 hours before I fully recovered from Addie's surgery.
Julien and Chris were quite the concerned pair and were extremely helpful.
They took care of everything and we spent our Valentine's afternoon camped out together in the living room - sans the migraine, it was a perfect afternoon.

I am so hopeful that we will avoid another surgery anytime soon.
Both of Addie's little ears have tubes that should stay in place for a long, long me enough time to put the events of this surgery behind us.

I am very thankful that we have a very compassionate ENT who listened to my feedback and concerns and made certain that we had everything possibly needed to get Addie through this experience.

Thank you to all of our friends and family who were praying for Addie, and who expressed your well wishes.
We honestly couldn't do this without your love and support!


Strobels said...

Thanks for sharing your journey as a Mom with a micro child. My daughter Piper was diagnosed in Dec. We are just trying to take it one day at a time. I am also a blogger.