Wednesday, February 20, 2013

In Your Face!

"In Your Face" is such a childish, unprofessional, worthless comment that just shows a complete lack of grace, class and tact.

Instead of exhibiting petty behavior and documenting it in this virtual world we live in, I will just say how very, very proud we are of our Little Monkey.

Last night, she sang along with her friends 
and then
stood as she actively participated in a public school program.

Granted, she was not in perfect sync, needed assistance standing so she could find her balance, didn't vocalize all the words and needed prompting,
I think we can all say that about ourselves at one point or another in daily life.
Sounds pretty normal to me.

(If the videos are not visible, that means a firewall is effectively doing its job.)


jennohara said...

I dont think theres any better way to say it!!