Thursday, February 21, 2013

Back to the Races

We had a fabulous time celebrating Trenton's Birthday! 
 The afternoon started off with a big race.
I volunteered to take Addie for race one.
She was a little apprehensive, but after a lot of reassurance, she began to relax.
By the time we made our second lap around, she was smiling and clapping!

Race two - Chris volunteered to drive Addie.
The smile was replaced by tears.
Absolute proof that her Mommy is a much better driver than her Daddy.

Bergen and Charles maintained a rather competitive speed and Bergen enjoyed every minute of it!

Patti and Brock were so busy waving at the fans on the sidelines, that they fell to almost last place.

Trenton's driver remained focused throughout the adventure while he kept his fans on their feet and cheering!

Blowing kisses!