Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Here We Go Again

We only had three visits to our favorite ENT's office in 2012.
 It felt like progress.
We are 36 days into the New Year and we have already racked up two visits...and with more coming soon.

We had a pretty rough weekend with the Little Monkey.
She had an on again off again 101+ fever and wanted nothing but to stay in bed.
She was hysterical every time she stood up.
The only complaint from Monkey was that her, "head hurt".

When we visited our ENT today, Monkey was very anxious.
She started shaking as soon as we walked into the office and once we entered the exam room, she tried her best to hide behind Chris.

There were no tears, just a lot of anxiety, but she was a good girl the entire time.

The ten days of antibiotics managed to give Monkey eight days of relief before her symptoms came back full force.

After Monkey's appointment, I took her back to school.
She had a great day with friends!
She looks beautiful teaching in her pearls - her new favorite accessory.