Sunday, January 06, 2008


We FINALLY had a weekend afternoon free and were able to go see Pompeii, the exhibit at The Birmingham Museum of Art. It was fascinating! Julien had a great time and was more than happy to point out different artifacts and to tell me all about Mount Vesuvius and what happened after the eruption (my personal favorite was the 1 1/3 pound gold arm bracelet). Addie also had a great time and managed to disrupt the intense quiet that surrounded the whole exhibit! We knew one of the guards and he was nice enough to inform me that unless someone complained, it was fine that Addie was speaking her mind. She just so happened to think that everybody was funny and squealed with delight at all the activity - babies need to be exposed to culture too... :)

The guys didn't feel like posing for a picture...check out Addie's hair!


aunt cissy said...

It sounds like you had a blast. Addie's laughter and excitement is contagious; I am sure everyone around you had a great time as well.