Monday, January 07, 2008

New Year's Resolutions...

OK, so I don't have any...there's no point, I wouldn't stick to them anyway! I'm the one still fighting with this baby weight since last year! No resolutions, but a LOT of hopes and dreams! For starters, Addie will become mobile this year - I know this without a doubt. She struggles so hard each day, trying to become mobile.
Pulling up? She can still pull up to her knees, but that is as far as she can go without help. Sitting up without assistance? She still isn't able to sit up on her own, which is very frustrating for her. I really thought she would have gotten that down pat by now, but we are working really hard to help her. Crawling, you may ask? No, not yet...but tonight she managed to get on all four's without assistance and stayed there for almost a full minute! Walking? Now keep in mind that we were told she would never walk, but if she did, the earliest she would begin would be eighteen months. She is starting to move her legs on her own while holding my hands. We have been working in therapy for a very long time hoping Addie would start to understand the concept. She is getting it; the progress is just very slow. Slow doesn't upset me, she can take all the time she needs...I just need to see progress and I am!
Addie is so determined to complete the task at hand; you should see her will to succeed! When she struggles to sit up or pull up, it makes me so proud and at the same time, it is heartbreaking! The look in her eyes tells me that she wants to do all these things and I know that she will!
Talking? We have already proven "them" wrong! Addie is saying TWO words and has started babbling! All the glory goes to GOD! Even if she never speaks another word, we still beat the odds. So, my New Year's Resolutions are nil...but my faith, hopes and dreams are abundant and this year, they will come true. I know it in my heart.