Sunday, December 27, 2015

Gingerbread House Party

Once again, we had a phenomenal time at Bergen's Gingerbread House Party.
It was so wonderful to have downtime with friends and to watch the kids having so much fun!

Santa came to visit and all of the children, except Addie, so enjoyed spending time with him!

While everyone else was posing for pictures with Santa, Addie sat quietly, refusing to make eye contact.

After we reassured Addie that Santa was gone, she was more than happy to sit in his chair and have her picture taken.

She loved watching all of the other children and she was content to sit back and do just that.

She didn't hesitate to act all silly for pictures - and the debate over carrying around a naked baby - was not worth the effort.

Sweet little face!

We are so honored and blessed to be part of such a special and very memorable event!