Sunday, September 20, 2015

Another Day with Family

On this beautiful Sunday afternoon, we were on our way to another family event
this Little Monkey was thrilled to have her Baby dressed in her very best party outfit.  

She agreed to a few photos,

but wasn't always amused.

Sweet Girl loves spending time with family!

She is beautiful!
I am one very lucky Mommy!

My aunt and brother.

Just us.

Addie really was proud of her baby, and asked me to take picture after picture of her.

Julien took the picture - not professional quality, but I'll take it.

Addie and Gabi - sweet cousins.

The biggest surprise of all was getting to see her Uncle Doodie!!!!
Addie loves her Uncle Doodie and she even managed to pawn babysitting duty off on him.
She has some pretty amazing uncle's!

Uh-oh...Uncle Doodie was telling her it was time for him to leave.
Thankfully, we have a few more days with him before he heads back north.


jennohara said...

Beautiful photos of a beautiful family! You all look SO great!! <3 <3

Granna said...

Beautiful girl...beautiful dress! She is growing up so fast.