Saturday, January 03, 2015

Christmas Eve - Continued

One of the best parts of Christmas Eve is forcing the kids into a group photo.
It's almost impossible to get one good photo, but the outtakes are always priceless.

My Mom had told me at the beginning of September that for Christmas, she wanted to focus on educational items for Addie.
So, I bought an organizer and several various educational items to fill the drawers and we gave it to Addie on Christmas Eve.

All of the kids had a gift from their GaGa, because at some point or another, conversations had already been had about gifts for this Christmas season.
Everyone but Addie knew who the gifts were from, and it was better that way.
Each day is still very difficult for Addie and we are trying to prevent additional confusion for her.

She loved her gifts and I know my Mom would have approved.
Mom loved reading to Addie

and any activity to enhance Addie's learning is always a perfect gift.

After everyone left for the evening, Addie sprinkled the reindeer food - on the stairs.
In years past, the reindeer food killed the grass, so not only do we need to make sure we keep the reindeer fed, but we need to make sure we keep Addie's Daddy happy.