Thursday, January 08, 2015

Christmas Morning

Chris and I didn't even make it to bed until 2:00 a.m.
It's not that we even had a lot to do to prepare for Christmas morning, but we still managed to be up past our bedtime.
Even Thomas and Alley were trying to figure out what was going on.

It wasn't Addie's Baby that kept us up, she was sleeping soundly.

However, this Baby woke me up just a few hours later - well before the break of dawn.
Just like years before, Chris and I went downstairs to enjoy Christmas morning with Julien - so he could have our undivided attention.

Julien was one very happy boy.

This Little Monkey slept way past the break of dawn and allowed us a few more hours of sleep.
Once she was awake, she was so excited and couldn't wait for Julien to hurry up and bring her downstairs.

Addie was so enamored with her new baby! 

She was so sweet!

I had to tell Addie that she could pick up the baby before she would even attempt to.

It took a bit of encouragement, but she finally left her baby so she could open the rest of her presents.

Addie got new outfits and diapers for her baby, which means that I have spent a LOT of time changing a baby over the last couple of weeks.

This sweet girl and her babies keeps me busy!

Rudy was done.
Poor cat - never a moment of peace and quiet.


jennohara said...

Ok....where did you get THAT BABY??!! I looked at it for so long TRYING to figure out how it could be a doll! What?