Sunday, September 07, 2014

The Longest Week - Ever

As luck would have it, a holiday week turned into a week of misery.
We ended up at the ENT with yet another ear issue.

While waiting for her turn, Addie decided to do a little bit of housekeeping.
Whatever kept her attention focused away from the obvious was fine by me.
It made the wait more tolerable.

This is the most annoying thing - EVER!
This sweet Little Monkey will sit so calmly and sweetly and allow others to look in her ears, but heaven forbid I even act like I'm glancing at them, and she becomes hysterical.

She is so accustomed to the routine, that the first thing she asked was, "Yellow?".
Which meant she was asking which color of ear tips was going to be used.

She is so incredibly rotten.

This time, it's the right ear that has her so miserable, although, it couldn't be determined if the tubes were still in place in either ear.

Despite the pain, she never moved.

Addie refused to leave the soundproof booth until we had our discharge orders.

She sat and reassured her baby that everything was OK.

The orders were to irrigate Addie's ear for ten days and apply antibiotic drops. 
As of Friday afternoon, I couldn't get an appointment for next week to get Addie back in sooner than our previously scheduled appointment, but I will be calling back tomorrow to try again.

Waiting two weeks is not an option - especially after the weekend we have had.

Addie napped as much as possible all weekend long and I don't know if Thomas knows she isn't feeling well or if he is just tired of Rudy being in the spotlight, but he parked himself on Addie's pillow and dared me to move him.
He stood watch over her the entire time she slept.

I am so hopeful this week will be better.


Cindy said...

What a stinker that she sat so still for the doctor! Hopefully the ear will improve and she'll be better soon.