Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Game Two - JV

Game two for JV was played closer to home.
We actually made it almost the entire game before it was called due to lightening.
There wasn't a working scoreboard, or an announcer, and I can't find it on any other website in order to verify, so I think we won 20 something - 0.
Bottom line - we won.

It really disturbs me when other teams don't have a lot of community support.
I think it's just really sad, granted I'm just a girl, but I think kids need stands full of people cheering them on -  no matter their size or rankings - and we have seen this multiple times this year all over the state.
It makes me even prouder of the community support in our little city.

There was no relaxing on these bleachers.
I was worried about Addie the entire time.
One wrong move from this Little Ninja and she could have been underneath the bleachers.

Game two - win two.
September 8, 2014