Monday, September 22, 2014

Hello September

The weather is finally slacking off enough to allow us to actually enjoy being outside.
While Chris was away enjoying The Tour Championship, we headed out to the best park in Birmingham to incorporate physical therapy for this Little Monkey (year after year, I still love this park).

Addie headed right for the tire swing after noticing that "her" swing was occupied.

She kept a very close watch on "her" swing in order to determine when it would be her turn.
As soon as she saw the swing empty, she yelled for Julien to "help".
He grabbed her and ran over to the swing before anyone else could have another turn.

After swinging, it was time to get down to business.
Julien did the hard part, but he was so impressed with her upper body strength!

Of course, this part was all in fun!

We still had to incorporate trips down the slide, which meant that Addie had to climb up to the slide.
With lots of uneven surfaces and various platform stairs, it was a lot of work - just like always.

Addie still struggles with changes in surfaces and even changes in the colors of an even surface, but overall, I see progress.
She is doing so much better walking up stairs, and we are still practicing going down stairs.
However, I don't see any progress in the area of "spatial awareness" or "depth perception" which always worries me tremendously.

I will continue to be in awe of the progress this Little Monkey is making and we will keep working on ensuring we see progress, regardless of how small it might be.