Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Addie Bear

After an incredibly horrible weekend relating to Addie's boo boo ear, I decided that I was sick and tired of always being the bad guy and decided to get Addie a little surprise.

When we saw this bear a couple weeks back, she noticed him and asked to go see him up close, but never made a fuss about getting him.

Addie never asks for things while shopping, but I always pay attention to see which items catch her attention.

I had planned on getting the bear and tucking him away for Christmas, but there's no time like the present, especially when it results in pure joy from this Little Monkey.

We were not even out of the parking lot and Addie kept asking if she could "hold him".
I knew she didn't feel well, so I agreed.
Not even a minute later, I looked back to find her soundly asleep.

Where has this bear been all her life?
I've been making jokes about taking this bear with us every time we leave the vicinity of our little town, but I'm only half joking.
This little guy will be taking some road trips, starting this Friday night.

I was able to get Addie in to see the Audiologist and ENT today (thank you random person for cancelling your appointment!).

Addie's right ear is still infected, the tube is still in place, and her eardrum was not ruptured.
Her left ear was not infected, the tube was still in place but occluded.
So, we continue with antibiotics and if nothing else happens, we go back in six months to evaluate the necessity to remove this set of tubes and allow her eardrums to heal in hopes that can happen without having to patch them.

It's not even worth trying to guess how this is going to go considering Addie's history with her ears.
I'm just thankful we have had these tubes stay in place for the last nineteen months. 


Jeania B said...

Adorable!! Love the pic of Addie and the big teddy bear!