Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Charlie's Mom and Marcel

Charlie's Mom recently spent a few days in San Francisco and on her way out of a Giant's game, something at a street vendor caught her eye.
Charlie's Mom is very keenly aware of Addie's love of monkey's and decided to bring this little guy back for Addie.
It took only a moment for the rest of the group to name the monkey Marcel and to treat him to a royal night on the town.

Addie was super excited when I told her she had a present waiting for her!

Upon extracting Marcel from the bag, Addie excitedly yelled, "Bunkey!"

and gave him lots of loving.

I pointed out Marcel's "SF" birthmark at the same time Addie was sending her verbal thanks for this precious gift.

Thank you to Charlie's Mom and two brothers for thinking of my sweet Addie while on your vacation!