Monday, June 09, 2014

Outdoor Life

 We are trying to take advantage of every opportunity to get outside and enjoy the rare pleasant Alabama weather.

Monkus and her silly little facial expression was happy and content as her Daddy pushed her up the steep trails.
She's rotten.
It's a fact that I don't even try to hide.

It's sad...we are those people.

Addie followed Julien around the barn and was extremely hesitant to step foot back outside.
Although there were only a few people out in the barnyard and the animals were lazy and docile, Addie refused to approach any of the animals...or people.

She made her way back through the barn and happened upon the friendly barnyard goat

and just about hit meltdown - and for no apparent reason.
After I rescued her - and after Chris rested from overexerting himself immediately following a massive illness - we decided Addie had enough excitement for one day.

Addie loves being outside and she loves walking and seeing new things, but it always wears her out pretty fast.
Despite her tiring out so quickly, it never takes long for her to recover and to be ready for our next little adventure.


jennohara said...

Love these pictures.
You guys are too funny! I love the cut outs. I'm glad the weather co-operates sometimes for ya! ;)