Sunday, May 17, 2015

Vacation continued...

(I think I have achieved an all new record of being a slacker)

One of Addie's favorite parts of vacation was the High in the Sky Trolley Ride in Seuss Land!
I think she could have stayed on the coaster all day long.
Of course Julien was there to hold her hand, which made all the difference.

In order to keep Addie tame, we had lots of downtime at the hotel.  
I was incredibly thankful for the play areas.

She was content just to hang out and people watch.

It took a few days for Addie to acclimate to the new schedule and my little girl was so sleepy!

Monkey girl had random moments of panic - and for whatever reason - the penguins sent Addie over the edge.
She was frantic to get away from them!

However, the prospect of seeing dogs and cats run around on stage made Addie happy
and she even agreed to a picture while waiting for the animal show to begin.

Since Addie hardly ever asks for anything, Julien decided to pick up the slack.
He was the one harassing me to "hurry up and get the money" before the dolphin necklaces sold out!
He was all about the light up dolphin necklace and Addie managed to score one as well.

Cats - crawling across a rope suspended above the ground. 
If only I could teach Rudy to be more compliant.

After a morning with rabid penguins and animal acrobats, Addie was exhausted and was more than happy to head back for a night relaxing by the pool.