Sunday, May 10, 2015

Speech Evaluation...

Addie had another speech evaluation last week simply to rule out a possible issue - that didn't exist.
I am going to be positive about the entire experience, and focus on being thankful for this little Miracle Monkey!

Addie did SO GOOD during the evaluation - and I swear she had to have seen this book before, because she knew exactly what to do!

My seemingly utter lack of enthusiasm came from me trying not to yell and clap and disturb everyone in the surrounding rooms.
I was trying to sit quietly and be a good observer.
It.  Was.  So.  Difficult!

I am so proud of Addie!
She was a perfect little angel right up to the point when Julien went to put her back into the car.
I am pretty certain security had the camera's zoomed in on us in an effort to determine if we were beating her.

She is a rotten little mess - but a rotten little mess that will  not require surgery to correct any portion of her speech delay.