Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Mighty Minions

Addie truly is a child who so rarely asks for things.
So when she asked for a light up spinning minion, I didn't hesitate to get it for her.
She was intrigued by it and it made her smile, so it was money well spent.
On one trip to Harry Potter, she noticed that people were walking up to the store fronts with the "magic wands" and waving them in order to make objects move and fly.
Since she didn't have a magic wand, she thought the mighty minion would produce the same outcome.
Lucky for me, each attempt by Addie was a success due to the people nearby who actually paid for the magic wands.
We didn't even bother to tell Addie that the power of the minion was ineffective - we just stood by and smiled at her efforts.

Addie took a liking to the many minions throughout the parks, and for the second time - asked for a minion - this time, it was minion slippers
did we have some close calls with Princess Attitude.

Thankfully, I have (mostly) learned to pick my battles and this was one not worth my time and effort.
If she wanted to wear them through the halls, so be it.

Striking a pose.

The next morning, it was also not worth the battle.
I didn't even think twice when Addie grabbed her slippers and asked to wear them to the pool.
We took the hidden side elevator down to the pool and stayed out of the main flow of traffic anyway!

A few days into the trip and Addie knew the routine.

Julien just had to hurry up and open the gate to let the Minion Monkey through.

Nonchalantly examining her fingernails as she patiently waits for us to grab towels.

Addie walked around with Julien, exploring the big kid area, all the while waiting patiently for her turn to go to the big pool.  
This kid is a mess and never misses a thing!
She is so amazingly observant and when another child was doing something she knew they shouldn't, she would give me a questioning look.
Nosy, nosy girl.

Julien was such an amazing help to us during the entire trip and was rewarded with a GoPro
Addie became the subject of his efforts to figure out how it worked.
I have to admit, it is a pretty awesome little toy!


Cindy said...

Love those Minion slippers! A girl wants what a girl wants! :)

jennohara said...

Yeah...those minions....super cute. And even cuter with her little legs and bathing suit! Killin me here...