Sunday, October 26, 2014


After taking the kids to get their hair cut, we were supposed to spend the day doing something that we had never done before.
It was my rule, and I had the best of intentions.
I was in serious need of a change of scenery.

Instead, we ended up back at our favorite park.

We just didn't have it in us to do much of anything.
Even Addie was pitiful.
The day was beautiful and we tried to soak up as much Vitamin D as possible in order to make us all feel a little better.

I think Addie could have taken a nap in the tunnel had we let her.

When Julien came her way, she made a half hearted effort to get away and save her baby, but ended up stretching out and then laying her head down.

Once we finally extracted her from the tunnel, she was content to push her baby on the swing.

I did highly encourage her to, at the very least, practice walking on the little play structure.
She did good, but was extra cautious and when we told her it was time to go, she didn't make a fuss.

With the events of the last month, and a busy football season, we are more than a little tired.
I hope to find a more restful weekend schedule soon - just for a little while - long enough for us to catch up and get back into a routine.
October 11, 2014