Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Day Off with the Munchkins

Our day off from school and work consisted of an appointment for Addie to see our favorite pediatrician - ever,
 a dentist appointment for Julien, a trip to buy our first round of 2014 pumpkins and a trip to the movies. 

Monkus was such a good girl at her appointment and she never once got upset. 
She was a fantastic listener and was compliant in everything that was asked of her.  
Addie loved having Julien there with her, and so did I because he helped run interference and keep her occupied so I could have a little less stress in my day. 

Addie has made some recent progress with her speech and cognitive thinking and I shared a very generic example of her progress with the exceptional Dr. Dudgeon.

After we left the appointment, Julien thought of another example that he said we should have shared and he talked about how proud of Addie he is.  

Addie was a complete, off the hook Monkey and had a complete come apart while at Julien's dentist appointment.
Even when the appointment is not for her, she still hits meltdown.
When the door to the waiting room opened and she saw Julien and the dentist, she ran straight to the dentist and gave her a big hug.

I'm assuming it was for returning Julien safely back to her.

Our afternoon of picking artificial pumpkins, and subsequently enjoying a movie, was very much needed.
It was a day of "normal" and just getting things accomplished.
If felt good to be productive.

October 13, 2014