Thursday, May 03, 2007

Dr. Ness

Addie had her check up with Dr. Ness (neurologist) today and her evaluation for The Baby Net program at Children’s Hospital. The physical therapist that evaluated Addie was very pleased with her and so was Dr. Ness. So pleased in fact, that Addie will not be joining The Baby Net program right now. This program would have been in addition to The Bell Center and Shelby Arc. Dr. Ness went on to say that the time frame between four and eight months is the “optimum” time for infantile seizures to begin and that if we get to one year seizure free, then Addie’s chances of developing seizures goes down quite a bit. We know that the six to nine month time frame is when Addie’s progress could slow down. Today was really a mixture of emotions. It was great that she was doing well enough not to qualify for additional services, but a whole lot of time was spent on the “wait and see” conversation and a lot of details were discussed that are very difficult to talk about or imagine. We were told again what could happen and that there is such a wide range of possibilities. We were very happy to hear that we don’t have to go back to see Dr. Ness until November…unless things change. I don’t plan on stepping foot back in there for six months…our prayers will make that happen!