Sunday, April 05, 2015

Spring Break 2015

The year of having a 16 year old boy took me down the path of allowing him the opportunity to choose where we spent Spring Break. 

His first choice was a European Cruise, so we ended up going with what was behind curtain number two. 


Not the Mickey Mouse loving part of Orlando, but the publicly protested and wizarding world parts of Orlando. 

Just like every visit in the past, it took Addie a while to acclimate to the environment. 
To be a little more precise, it took three and a half days before Addie seemed to enjoy the park atmosphere. 

Addie was all about going to a hotel. 
She remembered that she gets to "schwim" at hotels and she loves to go swimming!

Upon arrival, she got her baby all settled before getting changed for a relaxing evening by the pool. 

The next morning, we were ready to go!
Since Addie LOVES trains, I wanted to take her to the Hogwarts Express first thing. 
It didn't go quite as I had hoped. 

She was fretful over the entire experience.

She clung to us, and it was rather pitiful watching her be so anxious. 
However, it was Julien who became the chosen one of the week and she turned to him first for reassurance. 

He did not disappoint and was an amazing help to us.  
He is amazing.