Thursday, April 19, 2007

Round Two

Addie has another ear infection in both ears, an upper respiratory infection and is running a fever (she is now weighing in at 12 pounds, 10 ounces!). Amazingly enough, she is still acting so sweet and didn’t even cry during her exam today. I finally got a chance to talk to Dr. Dudgeon about the results of Addie’s EEG and he admitted that he was very surprised at the results. He told me that he honestly expected to see some abnormalities. He went on to say that we could still get an abnormal result from a future EEG if Addie’s brain does not progress in accordance with her age (or if she begins to have seizures).

While in the waiting room before Addie’s appointment, there was a little boy who came in and immediately spotted Addie. As soon as he saw her he made a comment to his mother (so the whole waiting room could hear) about Addie’s appearance and he continued to repeat it several times. As I was watching him and trying to decide how I was going to respond, I decided a response was not necessary. It was obvious his mother was extremely embarrassed and I didn’t see the point in making it worse for her. This was my first experience with a child making a comment about Addie and I know it most certainly won’t be the last time this will happen. I think when the day comes that she knows people are making fun of her will be the day when I’ll address the issue. I don’t feel I have to offer an explanation to people. I think as long as I help Addie to develop good self esteem and always let her know how beautiful she is, that she will learn to ignore the unintentional comments as well as the comments from people who are just hateful by nature.

After our appointment, I had to go back to work to pick up a few things so Addie got to see where Mommy and Daddy work every day! We went during lunch, so Addie missed seeing a lot of people but did get to see several of my friends. Although, she was very sleepy and not feeling well she managed a smile for most everyone she saw! She is such a good-natured baby! I can’t thank God enough for this perfect gift he gave to me.

Thank you all for your prayers for Addie…God is answering our prayers!


Jenn said...

God will give you the strength, understanding and patience you need to deal with each and every comment you hear in the future. God made her in his image and she is absolutely Beautiful. HE put Addie in All of our lives to enlighten all of us. Enjoy your precious Angel.

Jenn said...

Sounds like little Addie may be heading for some tubes in the near future. Hope she feels better.