Sunday, October 11, 2015

Babies are Expensive!

We try our very best to include Addie on all daily activities, even when it isn't the easiest way or least expensive way.

Taking Addie to the store with us doesn't mean just buying groceries, she now needs to make sure her babies are taken care of as well.

We ended up with a cart full of wipes, diapers, bibs and bottles before we even realized what happened.

Addie just loves being a helper, and adores taking care of her babies and when the two are combined, it makes Addie very happy and sweet.

Being the good and conscientious shopper that Addie is, she put back all but one item for her baby.
It took a minute to make the decision, but she did it, without a making a fuss.
Makes for a very good day for us!


jennohara said...

I am in love with this post. She is so very sweet!

Cindy said...

What sweet pictures! I'm glad the shopping trip went well!