Sunday, March 15, 2015

Hoover East Ballpark - All Inclusive Playground

We visited the brand new all inclusive playground at Hoover East ballpark today and had the best time!

The playground is probably the most "Addie friendly" playground we have ever visited. 

The ground was covered in one solid surface which meant I didn't have to worry about Addie tripping and falling while walking from area to area. 

Other than keeping her away from the swings while in motion and the few open areas on the playground equipment, the rest she was able to maneuver around with limited concerns. 

Oh, the swings - how we love them so!!!!

Addie was safe and snug and never got scared - she loved them too!!!

She was able to climb onto and out of this - and Chris and I could even sit with her to help!

The slides were sturdy and safe and just the right height for Addie to gain her footing at the bottom. 

Pull ups - she tried and tried. 

Shaded areas of the playground gave much needed relief from the glaring sun. 

Umm, nope. 
Maybe she will give it a try next time. 

Addie explored every inch of the playground and we left only after SHE said she was ready. 

This park makes our top three list of favorite parks in central Alabama.

Way to go Hoover!


Anne-Marie said...


You have made our day! Our teams work very hard to promote inclusion for all on many levels, from the research and design programs our corporate team at PlayCore creates with expert partners like Utah State University's Center for Persons with Disabilities, to the products that our GameTime team creates to promote play for all, to the caring design teams at rep offices, like JA Dawson and Co who created this overall playground plan.

But when we hear comments like yours…thats what makes what we do truly rewarding. We're so happy Addie loves the space!

Anne-Marie Spencer
PlayCore Corporate VP of Marketng