Wednesday, October 25, 2006

28 week check-up

I had my glucose test today and will get the results by tomorrow afternoon.
I saw Dr. Eye Candy this morning and we were so busy chatting that he forgot to tell me how I was measuring.
My blood pressure and her heart rate are both great.
He told me that the extreme cramping was from the scar tissue from my previous C-Section, but to keep a watch on the contractions and don't hesitate to call if it appeared to be a problem.
He also told me that if Addie is weighing in around 6 lbs. they may try to talk me out of having a C-Section if I go into labor.
Chris missed all of this because he had just gotten up to go to the little boy's room when they called me back.
My next appointment is November 22 and after that one I will start going for my 2 week visits.