Sunday, August 30, 2009

A slap in the face

This post may really and truly be offensive to some readers.
My intent is not to harm anyone, but I do have a right to express my feelings and views.
Please feel free to click that little "x" in the upper, right hand corner to remove my opinion from your visual consumption.
It seems like we know more and more "friends of friends" or "friends of family" or acquaintances that are having babies with special needs and then choosing to give them up or they shun them.
I am not referring to teenagers, people with drug or alcohol addictions, single Mothers unable to provide proper care for their infants, I'm talking about your average run-of-the-mill middle to upper class married couples.
It is a complete slap in the face to Chris and Me.
We cannot understand it anymore than the people who are giving their children away can understand how that would offend us.
When I was pregnant with Addie, I opted out of the routine tests to check for the general panel of birth defects.
When choosing to get pregnant, I knew all the "risks" involved.
So, you may imagine our hurt when we see children who have been given up by their families and sit in orphanages, institutions or foster care.
It is so painful for us and our family.
There is one sweet little boy who has captured our hearts so much, that we look at his picture each morning and night and pray to God to find him a family who will love him.
I had no idea that the process to adopt a special needs child out of foster care (out of state) could take
two years

so, in an effort to heal my heart, just a little, Chris told me that I should post this sweet baby's information in hopes that there is a family out there that has already been certified to adopt and who will be called by God to find a permanent home for this baby.
Julien is so very touched by this baby as well and begged me to "get him". We don't know where we will be led in the future, but this baby needs a home now...
I think the reason he touched our hearts so much is because of his diagnosis and his sweet little face reminds us of Addie.

His name is Nehemiah, also known as Case #91012258

A lot of love and dedication would change his world and yours...for the better.

Please pass this on to any family who may be interested.


Heather said...

Praise God for families like yours who choose to genuinely love their children UNCONDITIONALLY.

Sandy said...

You are wonderful people and an example to so many others. I completely agree with your post and I am so happy this little boy was adopted. Perhaps you helped him find a home. I love checking on your little Monkey and on Julien. I'm so proud of them both. Your family is beautiful.